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Rent BOATS Senator



  • The number of passengers on a day trip - 25-35 passengers

Ship Senator, reborn from the classic waterbus. On this small, amazingly comfortable boat to spend a pleasant and friendly parties and family celebrations, and informative tour along the beautiful waterfront of St. Petersburg. Bow of the ship cabin is equipped with air conditioning. 

Once on board, you will enjoy the the classic landscapes of St. Petersburg, from this beautiful ship.

From the observation deck or the open upper deck of the ship, you can watch the approach of the most beautiful islands in the Gulf. Senator is ideal for small corporate and family events, parties iand VIP-exclusive meetings and gatherings.

The perfect size to navigate under all bridges along the way, Senator will delight your guests.

This vessel is cozy and inviting atmosphere to spend a small banquet on the boat and make them happy with fine European cuisine. Full catering options are available.

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