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Meet Our Team:


Martin Stevens CEO

Martin B. Stevens

After vacationing in Russia, I was impressed by the beauty and culture of Saint Petersburg. Having had difficulty in organizing unique activities and transportation for my trip, I realized that if someone with decades of travel knowledge had a tough time, the average traveler would be overwhelmed.

Upon returning to New York, our team organized the best and brightest professionals in Russia and Russia VIP Travel was formed.

Martin Stevens is the director and CEO of media group Forum Publishing and also oversees Forum Worldwide which specializes in corporate event planning and trade, Worldwide VIP Tours and Russia VIP Travel.



Aleksandr Fedotov

Aleksandr Fedotov

Aleksandr is an energetic and unique out-of-the-box thinker who is very instrumental in the success of Russia VIP Travel. There is nothing that he cannot achieve for our VIP clients. With his calm and deliberate style every VIP client’s needs are taken care of and the most unique experiences are continuously being added and offered.



Aleksandr Fedotov

Our Best Guides

We consider our guides to be the best. They know Saint Petersburg from the inside and our guides work hard to be the best. We appreciate their work and we are very proud of them. All our guides are very creative, intellectual, knowledgeable and artistic and all of them are real stars. From the very beginning, we had an idea to bring together the best tour guides in one team and to maintain the highest level of guiding. Russia is a great country with rich culture and fantastic history and our team of professionals will do whatever possible to make your visit interesting, exciting and unforgettable.

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