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Rent BOATS Neva-2



  • The number of passengers on a day trip - 60-100 passengers

The Neva 2 has a sleek and beautiful design that is spacious for corporate events, weddings, parties and cruise groups for sightseeing. The upper deck has a large open deck for great views while the lower deck hosts a large open bar area.

Our special Menu on Neva-2 offers our visitors a variety of salads, vegetables, with cheese and greens. Salad "Caesar with chicken filet" and "Mixed salad with smoked salmon" perfectly complement mouth-watering side dishes and sauces.

A cruise on our ship with a dinner cooked on the grill will be a real treat for your guests. In addition to fragrant shish kebabs and chicken with smoke, red wines of domestic and imported production are perfect.

Our specialty desert bar features original and delicious desserts with strawberries, cream, a variety of ice cream and fruits. We did not forget about those who are on a diet - for you light cheesecakes, fragrant tea and coffee, fresh fruits and berries.

Our catering staff will be delighted to work with you on all of your needs.

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