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Saint Petersburg hosts some of the worlds most famous museums and cultural sites and as our VIP we ensure easy access to all venues and specialized tours orchestrated by our licensed and talented local guides.

At VIP we custom tailor all programs as well as completely design a distinctive itinerary based on your interests. This is truly VIP service. Every tour we do is custom designed exclusively for you and your guests. Our website shows some of our most popular tours.

You may opt to select any of our specialized vehicles to pick you up at your hotel or other location and have our driver and guide assist you in exploring the city and visiting various venues. You can also meet our guide on your own at your selected venue to visit and tour without transportation. Want to tour by yacht...that can be arranged also.

Our talented tour guides are available to speak all languages including English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian and other dialects. We just need to know ahead of time what your preferences are.

With VIP it's all about you and your guests and our team will make sure all of your desires are met so you have the trip of a lifetime!

Special CRUISE SHIP itineraries!

Is your cruise docking in St Petersburg? Let us pick you up at the port and escort you for sightseeing. Unique tours include transportation, lunch and all admissions and documentation for visa free travel with us!