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City Blues

Rent BOATS City Blues


  • Number of Decks - 2
  • The number of passengers on a day trip - Up to 150

The only in St. Petersburg motor ship-restaurant, stylized as a steamer of the late 19th - early 20th centuries.

City Blues has two walking decks: in the bow and stern parts. Despite the external similarity of the ship with the ship of the early 20th century, City Blues is equipped with modern audio and video equipment (the power of the generator is 46kW). A comfortable lounge, furnished with soft sofas, has a capacity of up to 150 people. Magnificent, impressive with its size restaurant hall with panoramic glazing has a unique design, carved oak finish, bright lighting and a mirrored ceiling. One of the open decks is great for holding a wedding ceremony ceremony. The moorage "City Blues" allows you to load even a car to the ship.

You can rent a city ship City Blues for any type of event, and our VIP team will do everything to make your special event  organized at the highest level.

The restaurant of the art ship "City Blues" is designed in such a way that all dishes are served perfectly fresh, directly from under the supervision of our skilled chef, passionate of his work. Guests of the restaurant-ship will certainly enjoy European cuisine with light Italian notes and, a large assortment of refined drinks.

Our catering crew will work closely with you if you are desiring food and beverage services during your cruise with us.

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