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What a fantastic and unique experience to view Saint Petersburg from the air! We offer our clients their choice of two fully equipped helicopters to charter a special trip above Saint Petersburg during their visit.

You have the option of meeting our flight crew at our helipad or immersing yourself in our full VIP treatment by having our car and driver pick you up at your hotel in your choice of vehicle and transporting you to our helipad for your flight. Flight times are available all day and evening in 15-30-and 45 minute packages. If you opt for our ground transportation your car will wait for you at the helipad and return you to your hotel, or you can extend your package to include sightseeing or transportation to other destinations at your desire.

Our two helicopters are regularly maintained, fully insured and flown by skilled and competent pilots. There is a maximum of two guests allowed in each helicopter.

3 Popular Tours available in 15 minute, 30 minute and 45 minute segments.

Helicopter Tour Routes for St. Petersburg Russia.



This is the most amazing experience you will have in Russia flying in an original MIG-29 jet!