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Popular Saint Petersburg tours

At VIP we are dedicated to the satisfaction of our guests during their visit to Saint Petersburg. With our local licensed tour guides we can custom tailor any tour imaginable for you and your guests. Here on our site we have highlighted the most popular tours offered, but your imagination is your limit when you work with VIP. If you are looking for something off the beaten track or any special interest tour or adventure, just ask! Our local guides have great knowledge of our city and we will craft the tour of your dreams with you. Keep in mind that you can include any of our beautiful vehicles, boats or helicopters as part of your tour. Or you can have our tour guide meet you at your hotel or any attraction with our walking tours. There is no limit to the unique possibilities when you work with VIP. You can advise us of your interests and wishes along with time you wish to spend touring and we can create options for you.

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