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Princess 60

Rent BOATS Princess 60



  • Length - 17.55m
  • Width - 5.5
  • The number of passengers on a day trip - 15
  • The number of passengers for multi-day excursion - 6

Princess 60 - motor yacht VIP class, built in England in 2000. A well-equipped ship is designed for day cruises or long trips in perfectly comfortable conditions. Fully equipped to enjoy the seclusion and stunning views of the Neva, the Gulf of Finland, Valaam Island, Ladoga Lake - there are no restrictions in choosing the route.

Cruise in our Princess 60 is popular for romantic meetings, wedding photo shoots, friendly parties and family vacations

Amenities onboard:

  • Open deck / Closed Deck
  • Spacious living room with cherry wood furniture
  • Large comfortable leather sofas
  • Bedroom with immaculate linens
  • Bar / Lounge
  • Nicely equipped kitchen with stove, microwave oven, dishwasher, refrigerators.
  • Audio and Video systems.


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