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Rent BOATS Benetti



  • Length - 27.75 m
  • Width - 6.13 m
  • Height - 5.70 m
  • Draft - 2 m
  • Speed - 14-19 knots
  • The number of passengers on a day trip - 10 people
  • The number of passengers to walk more than one day - 3-4 people

The yacht has everything you need for a respectable and comfortable stay:

The interior of the yacht is made of solid cherry wood. Large living room with comfortable sofas and tables equipped with modern audio and video equipment (DVD-player, karaoke, satellite TV). All cabins have plasma panels installed.

On the upper deck for lovers of outdoor pursuits set comfortable sofas and a barbecue.

On board there is a separate fully equipped kitchen (galley) with an electric stove, microwave oven, dishwasher, four cold storage, washing machine and a machine for the production of ice; For longer trips, there are six cabins with private bathrooms and showers; hot water supply and the climate control system in all areas; Radio navigation equipment of last generation.

We also offer you unique options for celebrating special occasions, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries aboard the Benetti-92. What could be more surprising than to note dear to the event in the circle of close friends at the fascinating whisper of the waves. Will it be a romantic ceremony or a loud party, a walk on a yacht is sure to leave an indelible impression on all his life, like the heroes of the occasion, as well as their relatives, friends and even bystanders of this holiday. Chic atmosphere, impeccable service, audio and video equipment 92-Benetti yachts envied by many restaurants of the city, and comfortable cabins with all the amenities can be compared with the best accommodation in the prestigious hotels.

Possible options:

  • Walking along the Neva River under the bridges of the day and night from 1 hour;
  • Out in the Gulf of Finland;
  • Travel to the island of Kotlin (Kronshtadt) 4 hours (Fort Alexander, fort number 4, number fort 5- 4 hours fort Obruchev, Totleben- 7:00);
  • Travel to Peterhof 4-5 hours, Strelna, Vyborg, Priozersk, Petrozavodsk, Old and New Ladoga, Upper Mandrogi, Lodeynoye field;
  • Travel to the island of Valaam 24 hours, Kizhi Island 2 days;
  • Hike to the castle nut 8-10 hours;
  • Fishing on Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega;

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