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Party Bus Exclusive

Rent Cars and Buses: Party Bus Exclusive

This is THE Party Bus in all of Saint Petersburg! If you want something special that no one else has...this is your transportation option. If you want to celebrate your birthday, meet with classmates, wedding party or just party with friends this is your ultimate party machine!

Restaurant, nightclub or aanother amazing location? Take the party bass voyage from one institution to another. It is elegant, fun and safe for your guests as you party through the town.  A good soundproofing also keeps the party inside your vehicle, so crank it up and have some fun.

Featuring neon lighting, laser show, Disco ceiling, club light, overflowing comfortable bass. Well, what else is required for a good mood and a sense of celebration? Our party bus is a solution that will suit all the guests.

Champagne glasses with foaming champagne (28 pcs.), A bucket with ice and a spacious dance floor, which get you in the groove and be moved to the sounds of rhythmic music. Our buses have been home to professional musicians and  performances of class dancers, invited by guests.

Leather sofas, in which you can comfortably sit, make a rented bead, somehow especially cozy. Karaoke, a radio tape recorder, a large monitor - will allow you to see interesting video clips and videos, and to test your own talents in public.


Special Features:

  • Laser show
  • Disco ceiling
  • Club Light
  • Disco bar made of natural stone. Wine glasses, glasses - 28 pcs. Buckets for ice.
  • Spacious dance floor
  • Ceiling height 2 meters