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Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen G500 Black

Rent Cars and Buses: Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen G500 Black

Cars are tightly integrated into the everyday life of most residents of St. Petersburg, but there are situations in which the presence of a beautiful and bright car is simply necessary. VIP offers for hire the amazing SUV G 500, which is suitable for any event. Model G has already established itself as a powerful, stylish, modern and elite option. This type is considered large-sized, which includes 5 seats. Power 210 hp At 5500rpm, speaks about fast speed of dispersal. Our Gelendvagen and driver will make a statement of success as you drive through the city.

This vehicle is exquisitely equipped:

  • Black leather interior;
  • An innovative climate control system;
  • Panel for playing music;
  • Availability of air conditioning;
  • Function of heating of seats;
  • Ventilation of the seats.




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