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Lincoln Continental Mark V

Rent Cars and Buses: Lincoln Continental Mark V

The only in Russia Lincoln Continental Mark V 1977 Convertible. The rarest specimen - in all, less than one hundred vehicles were made. Fully original. This inimitable artifact is actually a yacht on wheels. The class of the car is Personal Luxury.

The length is 5.8 meters, width is 2 meters. Powerful V8 engine of 7.5 liters, automatic transmission with very smooth switching, climate control (naturally with air conditioning), chic leather sofas with electric adjustment, electric sunroof, power windows. Fantastically smooth running, comparable to the progress of the yacht ... This is just gorgeous!

Book our Lincoln Continental and you will plunge into luxury and feel like a millionaire (because earlier in the US this Lincoln was driven by them). It is an amazing vehicle.

Not available in winter months, sorry.



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