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Infiniti Limousine 2014

Rent Cars and Buses: Infiniti Limousine 2014

We offer you not just a limousine, but a mobile entertainment center, which has everything you need to ensure a wonderful experience.  A comfortable lounge, spacious leather sofas for 18-20 passengers, a large display for playing videos, a great stereo system with 5.1 surround sound and much more. Colorful neon lights with a laser show, as well as disco floor and ceiling with lighting effects will give the impression that you are in a small disco club! In the cabin of a spacious limousine there are two bars made of natural stone, you have the opportunity to include alcohol, the wine glasses and ice buckets we will provide to you.

This white limousine Infiniti perfectly suits all occasions and important event in your life! VIP offers you our new Infiniti QX 56 which truly makes a statement as you roll down the streets of the city.

A pleasant addition to the advantages of this limousine is the additional door "gull wing" with an electric drive in the center of the cabin, which will allow you and your guests to freely enter and exit.

Other Features:

  • Laser show
  • Disco ceiling and floor
  • Light effect "Moon Flower"
  • Light interior design
  • Two bars of natural stone. Tall wine-glasses, glasses - 27 pcs. Buckets for ice.