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Cadillac Eldorado Cabriolet

Rent Cars and Buses: Cadillac  Eldorado Cabriolet

This year VIP presents to you a new car which has no competition. This is the beautiful Cadillac Eldorado 1976 release. This car is fully restored by professionals  and is in excellent condition both external and inside! The restoration was so detailed in fact that the exterior paint was crafted from exclusive blue Kanddi paint used in museum quality vehicle restorations. No expense has been spared to create this elegant and impressive ride.

Why Cadillac? There are several reasons:

Because it is a heavenly color, the colors of summer, happiness, warmth and love
Because this cabriolet is fresh (it is newly restored)
You will be one of the few to experience this fantastic machine
Blue Cadillac is the only one in St. Petersburg, and you will not find on the way the same car
The most important thing is that this model will never go out of fashion

Take a ride on the wild side in our beautiful Cadillac!


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